Are you protecting your skin from the sun?

As you guys may know summer is the hottest out of all the season. There are a lot of ways we should prevent getting sunburnt and protect our skin no matter what skin type we are! This summer I've tried out numerous products to stay prepared for when I want to have some fun in the sun, or if I'm out and about running errands on a crazy hot day. My all time favorite this year thus far that I must insist on recommending to you guys is the Alba Botanica sunscreen.

















It's reef friendly, a smooth feeling when applying, no harsh chemicals and the BEST thing about it is that it's reef friendly, and 100% vegetarian products that overflow with botanical ingredients.. Alba botanica has been around for years, and I've used it as a kid as a must have before going on a camping trip or the beach and I had to try out their new products! If you're also not too big on the regular sunscreen application with the lotion and prefer a spray on, they also have the coconut clear water SPF for you to try out!

Before Summer ends don't think twice about getting the green tea Hawaiian Lotion and the coconut clear spray!

My #1 Skincare Tip for this Season

Lately, my skin has been on and off with acne flare ups, and during this holiday season I’ve been trying to pick out the perfect product for my skin needs!

I've always struggled with acne during my teens and it was pretty harsh going on day-today with acne and blemishes and me having no idea how to even stop it. It's gotten better over time with me learning my skin type and seeing what works and what doesn't work for my skin but it's still a journey and my skin isn't perfect all the time. Luckily, I never have a crazy amount of breakouts but my skin does have a tendency to have little bumps randomly or even blackheads and dark spots, and it can get a bit frustrating. 

I came across a product from acne free and it’s an adapalene gel that contains vitamin A and treats blemishes, clogged pores and even blackheads! This is perfect for my skin. An all in one for what I need and dermatologist approved.


It's an all over treatment, so It's perfect for applying this before bed and prevents my skin from having any acne flare ups! If interested checkout @acnefreeproducts and watch your skin Blossom. This product is for sure a must have what are your favorite skin products and at an affordable cost!

Must Read For Spring : 

Educated by:  Tara Westover

If you are anything like me, you probably haven't been reading as much or are wondering how you should tap back into reading to jog your mind. For me, picking up a book doesn't always come easy but I am learning that reading helps expand knowledge on certain things and can help take your focus off of all of the adulting this life comes with. Recently, I've gotten into a few motivational books for my day-to day mental care. I came across this book by Tara Westover called "Educated" and this was a MUCH NEEDED READ! She talks about her journey of self teaching herself education with no background of an education foundation and little to no support within her family household. She accomplished so much for herself with no guidance and landed herself an opportunity to get into 2 major schools. Harvard and Cambridge. This to me is motivational because as a college student sometimes I find myself thinking of different paths that could work out for me other than taking the traditional route.


Although school may not be so important to others for their success, this book shows a great example of how you can still open doors for yourself through education and not just that, but also believing in yourself and teaching yourself the way of life. At the end of the day no matter how much support you may have, it's all up to you to break out of your shell and believe in yourself to make things happen. One day at a time! I totally recommend this book to you guys out there. If you are reading this check it out!