Taylor B

Content Creator |Video Editor |Influencer

Taylor is a full-time marketing student and content creator soon to complete her Business Marketing Degree May of 2021. After switching her Major from Mass Media within her first year of college to Marketing, she discovered one of her many enjoyments led to being digital marketing savvy. In 2018 Taylor discovered enjoyment building an audience via social media, finding new ways to manage socials and creating content through video and photo as a hobby which then led to working with brands and achieving many great Sponsorships. 


Taylor now takes on clients for video editing services and social media management. Her proudest accomplishment with content creating is her short film “Selfies Gone Wrong” making it into a Georgia film festival and her engagement proposal making it to @theshaderoom on Instagram. “I know that’s very millennial of me, to be proud of a video making it on the hugest blogging site on instagram, but imagine working on a project and it being shown to a page with a following of over 14 million people”


Taylor moved to Atlanta in 2009 and ever since branching out and getting to see the world in a different view of her growing up in her hometown Delaware, she’s experienced getting to know other Artists and Content Creators. On her free time while in Atlanta she connects with being on set for movies and enjoys getting to know what really goes on behind the scenes of making a production.


“I love helping people that know they have a vision, but they need some type of push to execute it. I try to be that push, everyone needs help sometimes”.